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DALL·E 2023-02-05 13.20.20 - photorealistic girl like in the first link, she is the artist

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What does it all mean?

The collection of works is a philosophical treatise dedicated to humanity’s connection with the modern changing world.


The advancement in technological development has created the necessity to refine society’s narrative of what it means to be a creative human. 


Technology empowers more people to express themselves creatively. This shift is redefining the traditional notions of who is an artist and what constitutes art.


By attempting to embrace the new wave of art, we are given a glimpse of the wonders that the future has to offer. And therefore we are given the opportunity to participate in societies narrative shift about technological creativity. 


Technology as a tool for conveying emotions, and individuality is an incredible opportunity that the modern world gives us!


The connections that we can observe in science, philosophy, religion, and our thoughts are becoming clearer, and this in turn pushes us towards the inevitable changes that we all long for but are afraid to start.


By imagining a positive future we can have a clearer idea for what actions we as a society need to take to create this evermore potential reality. These works want to encourage people to further remove the force inside us all that prevents us from taking action: fear. So let’s use our creativity to create a future that will be as positively pink as our imagination.  


Whatever it is, it will be bright, it will be kind, it will be full of love - this is the choice of each of us!


Cyberpink described in the principles listed seems to be a unique blend of several philosophical perspectives, rather than a specific named philosophy. It combines elements of transhumanism, existentialism, and humanism to form a vision of what the future society could look like.

The role of ai

AI-powered systems can quickly analyze large amounts of data and provide insights that would be difficult for humans to detect on their own.

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